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L.A. Vation


October 28, 2023 7:30 PM


DesertView Performing Arts Center


Imagine a Rock and Roll Tribute show, so realistic, it will overwhelm your senses of sight and sound. L.A.vation is that band, and U2 its inspiration! Based in California, L.A.vation has faithfully crafted an amazingly accurate show, incorporating memorable stage elements from past U2 concerts with 'spot-on' musical execution, all the while emphasizing the pride and passion of the four lads from Dublin. According to audiences and fans across the world, L.A.vation is truly The Next Best Thing. No other U2 Tribute or U2 Cover Band sounds as close to the real U2 as L.A.vation. L.A.vations astonishes with hit after hit from each of the band's thirteeen blockbuster albums, featuring crowd pleasers like "New Year's Day", "With Or Without You", "Beautiful Day", "One" and "Vertigo". Lead by incomparable Jason Thiesen performing as Bono, this quartet has left no stone unturned to deliver the most accurate Tribute to U2, the greatest rock and roll band of its generation! Along with Bart Davis, who recreates the tech guitar wizardry of "The Edge", bassit Bryan Kimes supplies the melodic low end of Adam Clayton. And true to his real-life counterpart, Larry Mullen Jr., drummer/music director Jorgen Ingmar Alofs provides the heart, soul and attention to detail that makes L.A.vation unrivaled, except perhaps by U2 themselves!



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